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Happy Dog Music is Now Open for Business

By Happy Dog Music  |  10/08/2013  |  2 Comments


Contact: Matt Cross
Telephone: 734-726-4153
Email: info@happydogmusic.com
Website: www.happydogmusic.com

New Start-Up Provides Independent Musicians and Labels with One-Stop Solutions

DETROIT, MI, October 8, 2013 – After initially forming in October of 2013, Happy Dog Music is now actively seeking new projects to take on. Happy Dog provides a wide array of services for independent musicians and record labels. These services include digital and physical marketing, distribution solutions, legal services, tour/concert booking, litigation services, music placement, and music supervision.

Happy Dog Music is one of a handful of marketing centered music start-ups that are a product of the seismic shift that has taken place in the music industry in the last ten years.

“Today’s musician can really be successful going the do-it-yourself route. You no longer need that major record label deal, which comes with many strings attached. With the widespread availability of inexpensive, quality recording equipment, the ability to get your music into almost any marketplace and social media, today’s musician really has most of the tools necessary to succeed. What we offer is time (which the working musician typically does not have enough of), years of music industry experience, and marketing and legal expertise.”

Matt Cross, Legal Director and Co-Founder of Happy Dog Music, LLP.

Happy Dog Music crafts and implements custom marketing campaigns and provides any other ancillary support clients may need during the course of the agreement. Unlike the typical record label deal that requires an artist to sign away valuable recording and publishing rights, Happy Dog Music clients retain 100% of all rights. Happy Dog Music provides major label support without all of the strings that come attached to a major record deal. Happy Dog affiliated artists pay a nominal percentage of income for a fixed period of time. Once the term of the agreement is over, the artist is free to go on their way, or renew for their next project.

“Our model is designed specifically to make us more accountable to the artists. ‘We do not get paid unless you do’ is the tagline we tote most often when speaking and working with artists. For this reason we aim to only work with musicians whose music we feel especially passionate about. It is this model that we hope will propel us to constantly better ourselves, our marketing strategies, and the success of the artists we have the pleasure of working so closely with.”

Mario F. Machado, Creative Director and Co-Founder of Happy Dog Music, LLP.

If you would like more information about this topic, Happy Dog Music, or the services we render, please contact Matt Cross at 734-726-4153 or email us at info@happydogmusic.com