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Beta Radio’s “Colony of Bees” Available Today!

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Beta Radio’s long-awaited sophomore studio album, “Colony of Bees”, is available today! The record’s first single, “East of Tennessee”, is now on YouTube. So head on over and take a listen.

“Colony of Bees” is available for purchase on: Amazon, iTunes, Beta Radio’s website, Spotify, and more.

For more information about “Colony of Bees” or Beta Radio, check out our previous press release.

New Album and Single From Beta Radio

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November 4, 2014 – Wilmington, North Carolina indie-folk duo Beta Radio announce the November 18th release of their much anticipated sophomore studio album, Colony Of Bees. This record, the band’s first full length recording in over four years, marks a subtle departure in style from their celebrated debut Seven Sisters – a record without label support and whose grassroots success was built largely on the back of internet radio stations Pandora and Spotify. The more layered and at times ethereal offerings on Colony Of Bees tread into new territory, but at the same time manage to effortlessly keep one foot firmly rooted in the Americana/folk arena that they have called home for many years.

The record’s first single/music video “East Of Tennessee” travels with the band across multiple North Carolina locales, traversing hundreds of miles from the beach to the mountains, visiting homes, family and recording studios along the way, and serving as a whirlwind tribute of sorts to their home state.

The new album, Colony Of Bees, was written, produced and recorded largely at home and totally independently, an ethos that began with their debut, and continues today. The songs here feel at the same time ancient and new, familiar enough to have an instant closeness with, yet still unknown and calling you back again and again.

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